Getting it right

“I had always felt that our previous customs broker and freight forwarder was doing a great job until I ran into a slight problem with a critical shipment. A colleague referred us to Alpha Logistiques and only now do I truly understand what great service really means in this industry. I can count on them to make things easy for us and to be there for us when it isn’t.”
Marie-Andrée Bourget, Operations Manager, Delta Pharma

A problem is never “small”

when it stops your business cold from 10,000 kilometers away. One mishandled item on a manifest, even a simple typographic error, can do that – and become a very expensive lesson to boot. That’s where Alpha Logistiques’ all-in-one capability saves the day.

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience, Alpha Logistiques has accumulated an impressive body of knowledge that keeps us sensitive to political volatility, impending new regulations in various parts of the world, as well as to the exceptional issues that require authorizations from multiple levels of government or several different departments.

We’re accountable so that you have alternatives for a lost freight connection, so that the chances of an inspection fee are greatly minimized, so that you are informed about the consequences of a non-standard tariff classification. We take care of all the details so you can concentrate on taking care of business.




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